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our Lunch at 3 pm
390km to Tehran
Cheshmeh ali
Ali spring
Damghan is a city of Iran, in Semnan Province, 216 mi. from Tehran on the high-road thence to Khorasan, at an elevation of 3770 ft. and in 36° 10' N., 54° 20' E. Pop. (1996) 49,200.
The city has a trade in pistachios and almonds, the latter being of the kind called Kaghazi ("of paper") with very thin shells, famous throughout the country.

Damghan was an important city in the middle ages, but only the Tari-khaneh ruined mosque with a number of massive columns and some fine wood carvings and two minarets of the 11th century remains of that period. Near the city, a few miles south and south-west, are the remains of Hecatompylos, extending from Frat, 16 mi. south of Damghan, to nearly 20 mi. west. Damghan was destroyed by the Afghans in 1723. On an eminence in the western part of the city are the ruins of a large square citadel with a small white-washed building, called Molud Khaneh (the house of birth), in which Fath Ali Shah was born (1772). The Tari Khaneh (cA. 9th century), Possibly the oldest known mosque in Iran still stands in the city.
In the southeast of city there is ruin of a castle from Sassanids and now called Tappeh Hessar which it thought to be a garrison. After excavation in 1996, archeologists announced that the area ruins indicated 3 cities from 3 different eras. The eldest one dates back to 4000 BCE when the Aryans settled in the Iranian plateau

When I was very young, but old enough to think about people who I never met,
I wondered about people on the other side of the earth.
I wondered if they thought about the same things I thought about.
Did they look at the stars at night time and wonder how big the universe might be?

Did they wonder if there were other planets like Earth?
And if there were such planets, might there be living things there?
Might there be people or animals which could think like Earth people?
And if there were thinking animals on other planets, might they be looking through space at our planet, wondering if there were thinking creatures here?

And the other people on the other side of the Earth, did they like music and flowers and butterflies?
Did they like to feel the gentle breeze blow across their skin on a warm summer night?
Did they think about other people who they have not met, people on the other side of the earth?
To My Friend I Have Never Met

I do not know your religion or your name,
Nor your age or what you look like,
And we have never met, but I know you--
You love life and good people
You love to hear children laughing and playing
You want everyone to be kind to one another
You enjoy learning and working
You want your family to have opportunities
And all good people to be happy.
When we have sorrow and unhappiness
It is shared by all of us and we cry together
We are all members of the same family--human beings
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