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Flowers Garden

The Flower Garden

Lying in the middle of Persian Plateau, Isfahan, this azure city, sparkles like a diamond in the sky of the Orient. Its unique architecture, beautiful gardens, and its glory have attracted many people from all over the world. In this age of Mechanism and mushroom growth of industrial cities, man is destroying its natural environment and threatening animals to vanish from the surface of the world; the future seems gloomy and dark. People who live in this “industrial world” have become so metamorphosed and ignorant that do not realize the scale of this destruction.
It is to the conscientiously, and enlightened minority of the intellectuals of the world to organize global campaigns and movements to find solutions to existing environmental problems of the world.
Hopefully, in Isfahan this conscious determination exerted to save the environment has gained ground recently. The rate of the green spaces in Isfahan has risen up to 13.5 m2 per capita, very close to the international standard of 20m2.
The banks of “ Zayandeh Rood River ” has now changed to beautiful gardens and national parks around the mountains and the woods has greatly helped to prevent the pollution of this city and has added to its beauty.
One of the prominent features of this change has been the creation of “Bagh-e-Golha”( The Flower Garden) just on the banks of Zayandeh Rood River. It is the garden in garden with educational, recreational, cultural, and research centres which has attracted millions of tourists from Iran and other countries around the world.
This is one of the greatest projects of Isfahan 22+ which has been inaugurated to meet the requirements of a city that is the Mecca of the tourists all over the world. As well as its natural beauty, the citizens and researchers can benefit from its various places. Families can confidently rest under its trees and enjoy its many beauties.
In designing this garden the dry territory of Isfahan has been in view. There are short fountains everywhere that join the ponds and the traditional architecture of Isfahan has been reflected in all its edifice and buildings.

Some parts of “Bagh-e-Golha” (The Flower Garden)

*Entrance Pavilion
*Rock Garden
*Lake (Pond)
*Children area
*Rose Garden
*Open Amphitheatre
*Fence around the Garden
*Herbal and eatable Plants
*Kinds of Lily Garden
*Kinds of Chrysanthemum Garden

All the photos of this entry were taken by Kousha>>>

The viewers of this site may want to know what caused me to make it with all of my interests.
When I was a child, I was interested in traveling because I grow up in a family which had a tent on their car. I traveled all over Iran in my childhood.(My background) BUT:
About two and a half years ago , I traveled Turkey. I took pictures with my digital camera just for fun. In those days, I didn't think about making web-log and putting my photos on Internet.
A day I was walking downtown of Antalya and looking its historical places, I felt same sense of Iran there. It looked like Iran. Streets were full of tourists visited there with their full concern.
I thought about Iran, ''why my country isn't full of tourists, although it has more splendid and some how unique history and historical places''.
I went to a traditional restaurant and sat near a dutch couple. The Dutchman asked about my country.
I answered :'' How do I look like?''
He said:''You're Italian.''
I said :''Never. I am from Iran.''
He repeated ''Iranian'' surprisingly, and said ''Are you (Iranians) like this?''
I replied:''What should we look like?''
He smiled and didn't answered me.
He asked about my occupation, and I said ''I am a doctor.''

Then I asked about Iran and it's interesting places( sight seeings) , he replied that '' I think your country has no special sight seeings and your lives are very different from ours, maybe your are from other world and we may not come to your country.''
Talking about Iran and its magnificent history with him was useless, so I quit it.
Other days I talked to some tourists, and found that they didn't have any information about my country,too.
It was a strange feeling . I felt homesick. '' What should I do?; Is there anything that can do?'', these are questions I repeatedly asked myself. They didn't want to talk about Iran, Iran wasn't interesting for them.
After a few days I returned to Iran. Maybe you saw the referred photos in archive.
For many obstacles and problems I faced in my life, I didn't have much time to think about tourism in Iran.
Next year again I went to Turkey. I had a nostalgia about this country. Turkish music and culture not only for me , but also for my compatriots has special attraction.
This time when I was walking in ''Toupkapi Palace'' , I saw many tourists , but I didn't tend to talk with any of them. Because I didn't want to hear any negative opinions about Iran.
Suddenly, when I was in my dreams, a man who talked Italian language greeted with me. I replied in English. He surprised and asked me about my homeland, because he thought I was Italian.
I answered:'' I am Iranian.''
This time everything was vice versa, he talked about Iran positively. He was a surgeon and studied a lot about my country and had very good and usefull information about Iran; I wanted to talked about my job, but he changed a conversation to Iran.
He complained about a lack of Internet sources and references that introduce Iran completely. He asked me about a site which shows and presents photos of Iran; He wished one day such a site design , so he may travel Iran with more detailed information.
I didn't have an answer that day; that's why I'm here and designed this site

About flowers garden ( In Persian):[b][/b]

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