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Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque

Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque (Masjed-e Sheikh Lotf-o-llah ) is one of the architectural masterpieces of Safavid Iranian architecture, standing in eastern part of the Naghsh-i Jahan Square, Isfahan,
It was started to be built in 1601 by Shah Abbas I ( the Safavid king).
The architect (Mimar) of the edifice was Muhammad Reza ibn Ustad Hosein Banna Isfahani. This mosque was finished in 1618.( After 17 years)
This mosque doesn't has any Minarets and was dedicated to the Royal familly and there was a Tunnel Underground between Palace and this mosque ,
when you enter the mosque you will Turn to right ( the corridor has 45 degree Turn) !!!!
Do you know why?
Because the entrance of main chamber of mosque should be faced to Mehrab and mehrab which is`also faced To Mecca( Niche to Mecca) in that Direction in the east of sqaure they need to build a corridor with 45 degree
What is the difference Between Mehrab in Islam and christinaity?
In Islam mehrab is a symbol of talking with God but inside of our hearts we face mecca and we have an inner struggle between goodness and the material forces,
Mehrab is an Arabic word and it comes from the word(Harb) and harb means having a big challenge with our passions to reach to our almighty God
But in christianity you imagine to have a direct talk with the Jesus christ and you admire him,
Situated on the eastern side of Naghsh-i Jahan Square, Sheikh Lutfullah Mosque was constructed between 1602 to 1619 A.D. in Shah Abbas (I)'s era.
The monument's architect was Mohammadreza Isfahani. He solved the problem of the difference between the direction of kaabeh and gateway of the building by devising a connecting vestibule between the entrance and the enclosure.
The diameter of the inner dome is 12m laid on walls with the thickness of 170cm. One of the unique characteristics of the mosque is the peacock at the center of its dome. If you stand at the entrance gate of the inner hall and look at the center of the dome, a peacock whose tail is the sunrays came in from the hole in the ceiling could be seen. The mosque was named after Sheikh Lutfullah, a religious leader from what is now Lebanon who was invited to Isfahan and was paid special attention by the Safavid king.

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