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Hamedan -Ecbatana

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lion of Ecbatana
Ecbatana ancient city
Ali sadr cave
Ecbatana (Achmetha in Biblical Hebrew, Haŋgmatana in Old Persian, Agbatana in Aeschylus, written Agámtanu by Nabonidos, and Agamatanu at Behistun) was the capital of Astyages (Istuvegü), which was taken by the Persian emperor Cyrus the Great in the sixth year of Nabonidos (549 BC).

The city is assumed to be near Hamadan and located 400 km southwest of Tehran, in modern day Iran; however in shed of very recent discoveries it is now thought that Ecbatana was located hundred miles northwest of modern city of Hamedan, and located in the Kurdish-inhabited areas of Iran in south of lake Urmia.

The Greeks supposed it to be the capital of Media, and ascribed its foundation to Deioces (the Daiukku of the cuneiform inscriptions), who is said to have surrounded his palace in it with seven concentric walls of different colours.

Under the Persian kings, Ecbatana, situated at the foot of Mount Elvend, became a summer residence. Later, it became the capital of the Parthian kings.H Rawlinson attempted to prove that there was a second and older Ecbatana in Media Atropatene on the site of the modern Takht-i-Suleiman, but the cuneiform texts imply that there was only one city of the name, and Takht-i Suleiman is the Gazaca of classical geography. Ecbatana was the main mint of the Parthians, it produced drachm, tetradrachm, and assorted bronze denominations. It is also mentioned in the Bible (Ezra, vi. 2).

Ecbatana/Hamadan (Iran) is not to be confused with Ecbatana/Hamath (Syria) where Cambyses II is supposed to have died according to Herodotus.

Hamadan or Hamedan ( Persian: همدان , Kurdish: Ekbetan) is the capital city of Hamadan Province of Iran. It had an estimated population of 550,284 in 2005.[1]

Hamadan is believed to be amongst the oldest Iranian cities and one of the oldest in the world.

Hamadan is a green mountainous area on the foothills of the 3574-meter Alwand Mountain,in the mid west of Iran. The city is 1850 meters above sea level.

The special nature of this old city and its historic sites attract tourists during the summer to this city, located approximately 400km southwest of Tehran

Ali sadr Cave
If you reckon seeing another mosque, archaeological site or museum, take a detour to these remarkable caves, about 100km (62mi) north of Hamadan in western Iran. The caves, discovered only 40 years ago by a local shepherd looking for a lost goat, are up to 40m (130ft) high, and contain several huge, deep lakes. Nothing lives in the clear water - bats don't even hang around here - and there are no signs of any previous inhabitants. Frequent minibuses travel between Ali Sadr village and Hamadan, which is in turn accessible by bus from Tehran, 336km (208mi) to the north-east.

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