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Around The town

Mir Chaqmaq
Mir Chaqmaq
Mir Chaqmaq
Dowlatabad Garden
Dowlatabad wind tower
33 meters height wind tower
The bottom of the wind tower
15 cetigrade colder than other places
Dowlatabad Garden
The heat is blistering in the south, on the edge of the Great Desert. High chimneys acting as air-vents bring some comfort to these dwellings.
This is a complex built according to the original Iranian architectural style and consists of a large garden and some buildings.
Being watered by a qanat, until the very recent past it was used for the residence of the provincial governor, The most impressive part of the Complex are a 33-meter high bad-gir (wind tower) on the roof and a water stream in the interior.
The air was conducted into the interior and cooled through the action of the flowing water. Lattice doors and windows with stained glass patterns impart a pleasing sight to the Complex
Mir Chaqmaq Mosque
This mosque is famous on account of its splendid portal and facade. It also possesses a huge dome and superb (Suffeh) (platform or ivan). Originally, the mosque was called Masjid-i-Jami or Masjid-i-Nau (New Mosque).
The portal inscription of the mosque is very valuable and according to its text, the construction of the Masjid has been completed through the zealous efforts of Bibi Fatima Khatun, wife of Amir Chaqmaq, governor of Yazd.
The Mihrab of the mosque, is of marble, bordered with mosaic tile decorations and verses from the Holy Koran, carved on marble.
Besides this mosque, Amir Jalal Al-din Chaqmaq has other constructions to his credit, such as the Khanegah (A.H. 830 = A.D. 1426), a caravanserai, public baths, a Maydan, and a Takyeh, all of which are known under his name.
On no account should you miss the fourteenth-century AD Masjed-e Amir Chakhmaq 0r Masjed-e jomeh (an exact contemporary of the Masjed-e Jams) next to the bazaar portal, famous for its superb portal ornamented with stucco, and the traditional four-ivan structure on a courtyard a little too small for the ivans. Originally, it was called Masjed-e Now (New Mosque).
The frieze on the portal has artistically very valuable calligraphy etched on it, according to which the mosque was built by the zealous efforts of Bibi Fatemeh Khatun, wife of Yazd governor Amir Jalal od-Din Chakhmaq. A marble mihrab has been installed, around which decorative tiles and verses of the Holy Koran have been etched over stone.
The mosque is very near to the Takieh-ye Mir Chakhmaq, a 19th century tiled edifice built to serve as a grandstand for the traditional passion play, or Tazieh, recording the martyrdom of the third Imam, Hossein that is acted during the mourning month of Muharram (lunar) is the Takieh, or special theater used for these performances, of which it formed part.
At present, the free space in front of the monument has been turned into the central square of the town, and has acquired a new appearance as a result of trees and flowers having been planted.
Actually, this represents one of the buildings of a historic complex incorporating a mosque, a public bath, a caravansary, a mausoleum, a Takieh, three water reservoirs, and a imposing entrance to one Yazd`s bazaars.

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