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Shahriyar literary museum

Mohammad Hossein Behjat Tabrizi, whose pen name is Shahriyar was undoubtedly a gifted and talented contemporary poet. He is the composer of the first and the most famous Turkish (the local Azari version) poetry collection ever written by an Iranian. Born in 1906 in Tabriz, he studied Divan Hafiz under his father's supervision and teachings, while using the same home study program for all his elementary education. His father was a lawyer. Therefore, his first formal education was at Motahari Secondary School in Tabriz and later at Darul-Fonoon School in Tehran. Although he studied medicine in college he dropped out right before getting his diploma, to go to Khorassan. There, he found a job at Neishapour notary public and later at Bank Keshavarzi. Initially he used to publish his poems under the name Behjat, but later he changed it to Shahriyar.
Studying Divan Hafiz since early ages he developed a special interest in this masterpiece and gradually discovered his own talent, sensation and fine feelings to compose his own poems. The work of this passionate and gifted poet was initiated by composing tragic and heart breaking (POR SUZ O GODAZ) poems. Years passed and he composed countless poems, until he finally at old age managed to publish his long awaited beautiful poetry collection of contemporary Iranian literature. His first poem composed at the age of seven was in Turkish, and the second at the age of nine in Persian. Perhaps he has tried to write an autobiography in the form of poems, as the reader can learn about Shahriyar's biography by reading his divan. Many of his bitter and sweet memories are reflected in his books, "Hazyan Del", "Heydar Baba", "Mumia'ii" and "Night Fable". His other book, Takhte Jamshid is a collection of epical poems that reveals the poet's imagination. Shahriyar has composed diversified forms of poetry including lyrics, quatrains, couplets, odes and elegy poems.
Heydar Baba, composed in Turkish and later translated into Persian is considered one of his artistic works. Actually it is not only his best book but also the first and most interesting Turkish poetry collection ever composed by an Iranian. It was long on the top-ten best-sellers list. Heydar Baba is the name of a mountain where the poet spent his childhood. Shahriyar also played the sitar (a musical instrument) very well and had a keen interest in and knowledge of music. He was also a good calligrapher. As if flying on the wings of creative and dynamic imagination, he demonstrates his sensitive poetic spirit throughout all his books. You can sense a kind of tendency toward innovations in his work. The major part of his book consists of lyrics. Actually one of the major reasons of his success in literature is the simplicity of his words. As he uses his poetic talent to use slang and to talk in a colloquial Persian language in the form of poetry, his poems can be understood even by a layman. He expresses his own ideas in this manner. That is why the public finds his words familiar, understandable and effective. The novelty in context and commentary is what makes his poetry distinguished. He died in 1988 to become an eternal celebrity.

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