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Ghadaki house - Tabriz

Behnam House:
It's the oldest house of this complex and it belongs to the end of Zandiyeh dynasty. Some parts of it are the remaining of the hard earthquake in Tabriz in the lunar year of 1194.
This building contains two summer house and winter house and it is one of the few buildings which still has both summer &winter house.
Like most other traditional houses in Tabriz, this house as well has got two indoor & outdoor yards that the indoor one is large & the outdoor one is small. The main building or winter house has got two floors & one basement.
Inside the indoor part of the house, there are beautiful soffits ( )
The composition of this terrace, the soffits and the indoor yard has created a beautiful space.
This building is completely symmetric & the main part of the houses.
Tanaby(a very large hall) is located in its center the same as in Ghadaki house. The Tanaby which is similar to a torn tummy has some lugs at sides and a large haft_dary(a small room with seven tall and narrow windows faced to the indoor yard)
Ghadaki House:
This building belongs to the mid_Qajar period. It was built by Imad-O-Doleh ,the governor of Tabriz in 150 years ago.The house contains two indoor and outdoor yards that the indoor one is in a lower height to the outdoor one.It is a one floor house with a basement, a building in the middle and two wings in west& east direction.
The middle part is the turning point of the house .The symmetric elevation two important Tanaby spaces the pool-house in the middle part of the building and three Orsies (orsy:large windows with colorful & Eslimy patterned glass) on the southern &northern sides of the central part have contributed a distinctive beauty to this complex. There is a splendid pool-house with decorated ceiling and decorative bonds in the center of the basement.
On top of this space ,the first floor , a beautiful and large Tanaby with three orsies on south & west side of it Geometrical proportions have bean both vertically and horizontally considered in these two parts of the building (Tanaby and Pool-house)beautifully.

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