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Ruins of Dariush( Daruis) palace - APADANA

Old city of susa
Bricks ( Oldness is 2500 years ago)
layers of bricks with bitumen
sign of Achaemenid Persians
The city was soon, however taken back by the Achaemenid Persians under Cyrus the Great in 538 BCE. Under Cyrus' son Cambyses II, the capital of the empire moved from Pasargadae to Susa.

The city lost some of its importance when Alexander of Macedon conquered it in 331 BCE and destroyed the first Persian Empire, but after Alexander's vast empire collapsed upon his death, Susa became one of the two capitals (along with Ctesiphon) of Parthia. Susa became a frequent place of refuge for Parthian and later, the Persian Sassanid kings, as the Romans sacked Ctesiphon five different times between 116 and 297 CE. Typically, the Parthian rulers wintered in Susa, and spent the summer in Ctesiphon.
The Roman emperor Trajan captured Susa in 116 CE, but soon was forced to withdraw, due to revolts in his rear areas. This advance marked the greatest eastern penetration by the Romans.
Susa was destroyed at least twice in its history. In 647 BCE, the Assyrian king Assurbanipal leveled the city during the course of a war in which the people of Susa apparently participated on the other side. The second destruction of Susa took place in 638 CE, when the Muslim armies first conquered Persia. Finally, in 1218 CE, the city was completely destroyed by invading Mongols. The ancient city was gradually abandoned in the years that followed.
Recently, the site has been threatened by illegal excavations, garbage dumping by the local authorities and a planned bus depot on unexcavated territory nearby [2].

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