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Tehran fire Temple ( Tehran's Adryan)

Holy fire
Good thoughts
Good words
Good deeds

These three practices are the main lessons of Zoroaster' prophet to my fathers. to PERSIANS
My fathers were pacific.and the first charter of human rights signed by Cyrus the great you can find it in british museum
He gave freedom to jews in Babylon
This building is the holy Adryan or Fire temple
But why fire temple?
Because my fathers believed that fire is main thing that God offerd to man.
Fire is important because fire changed the life of humans they could make food by fire they could extracte iron from iron ore
So every families need to use fire so in ancient Percia they made these house for keeping fire for using for all peopleand somebody should care about this fire
After that time ( 3700 years ago) this place became main part of society and 2500 years ago Achaemenian accepted this faith as regular faith of their empire.
And zorostians use them as temples BUT zorostrians are not Fire worshipper…
They believe only one God…. they call God as Ahura mazda.
.they respect to fire.. water…wind and soil
These people are so calm .
That sign that you see over their temple is not sign of God that is only sign of good people and it's name is Farvahar
We call their priest as MOBED
They generously gave me permission for photography.otherwise you couldn't visit this place….
This place is so mystrerious even for people of Tehran I am absolutely sure that the most of them don't know that we have Fire temple inside of our city…..

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