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Rey Fire Temple - Tehran

Varamin road
Rey firetemple
آتشكده ري و تپه ميل در جاده ورامين و در نزديكي روستاي قلعه‌نو، برفراز تپه‌اي موسوم به تپه ميل قرار دارد.
قدمت اين آتشكده عظيم به بيش از 2000 سال قبل باز مي‌گردد. مساحت كل تپه و آتشكده بالغ بر 2000 متر مربع است‌. اين آتشكده پيش از اين‌، داراي چهار طاق بزرگ به ارتفاع 20 متر بوده كه هر يك بر سه پايه استوار بوده است‌، اما دو طاق به طور كامل تخريب شده و دو طاق ديگر استوار مانده است‌. ارتفاع تپه و آتشكده بالغ بر 300 متر است‌. قسمت وسيعي از بناي آتشكده تاكنون در زير خاك مدفون بود كه اخيراً توسط باستان شناسان شناسايي و از زير خاك بيرون آورده شده است‌. اين بخش از ساختمان كه شامل دهليزها و راهروهاي تو در تو است‌، توسط راهرويي زير زميني به منتهي اليه غربي بنا، كه همانا ضلع غربي تپه نيز محسوب مي‌شود، متصل مي‌گردد. تعداد زياد سفالينه‌ها و ستون‌هاي به دست آمده از اين مكان بيانگر اهميت و ابهت و ارزش بسزاي آن در دوران ايران باستان است‌.
بر طبق روايات‌، اين آتشكده يكي از مهم‌ترين آتشكده‌هاي ايران بوده كه احتمالاً توسط اسكندر مقدوني تخريب شده است‌.
Fire Temple at ancient city of "Ragha" Ray
(archeological site of Mill Tappeh)
On the beautiful autumn morning, December 2, 2005, I was happy to see the hectic traffic of Tehran behind me on the road toward Varamin. Gradually the view of city buildings was replaced with pleasant view of barley farms. The small direction sign "Ray Fire Temple" showed my destination..
Could this place be the heart of ancient "Ragha?" outside modern city of Ray, Ragha is mentioned in Avesta and several ancient Persian texts for its importance.
This historic site is called Mill Tappeh, Tappeh meaning mound in Persian.
Scaffolding and roofs indicate recent excavation work on this site., but archeologists are nowhere to be seen
On top of the mound remnants of a large Taq is still standing. In ancient times it housed the altar containing the immortal fire.
The Taq could be easily seen from a distance serving the main purpose of major fire temple.
Remains of a multi-storey temple are still standing on the mound. A long and narrow corridor takes the visitor from one side to the opposite side of the temple. I can not guess what purpose this tunnel served in ancient times.
Fallen columns and fragments of building ornament stucco pieces cover the excavation site.
One does not need to be an expert to see the immense importance of this temple, perhaps to the entire Ragha region.
Inside the site storage room, now serving as small museum one can see artifacts excavated from this site.
The first and the most striking item is a full size fish made of stucco; it seems to be a building ornament.
Perhaps the great reverence for water in Zarathushti religion has given the fish an important place in decorating the temple
Large pieces of building ornament show decoration with leaves and other plant material on temple building
Items found in excavation are usual ceramic pot and oil lamp.
Outside the storage rooms three large ceramic containers are standing in the hallway. Barley and wheat remnants were found in two containers, and the third one was found full of Sassanian silver coins -- perhaps donations made by its ancient visitors
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