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National museum of Iran- part 8

Post Safavid Iran

1729 - 1739 Nader Qoli founded Afshar dynasty, expelled Afghans and conquered Afghanistan and India.

1750 - 1795 Zand dynasty ruling from Shiraz.

1795 - 1925 Qajar dynasty ruling from Tehran.

1812 The treaty of Golestan. Iran cedes territories to Russia.

1827 Russia seized Tabriz.

1896 - 1906 The constitutional revolution.

1906 The promulgation of the constitution.

1908 Nationalist uprisings.

1909 The Anglo-Iranian oil company (latter British Petroleum) was formed.

1909 - 1923 Ahmad shah was the last Qajar king. Reza khan was appointed as prime Minister.

1924 Qajar dynasty was overthrown.

1925 - 1941 The proclamation of Reza khan as Reza shah, founder of Pahlavi dynasty.

1941 The invasion of the allied forces. Reza shah abdicated in favor of his son, Mohammad Reza.

1943 Tehran conference (Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin). Territorial integrity was regained by Iran.

1951 Dr.Mosaddeq became the prime minister and pressed for the nationalization of oil industry.

1955 Iran joined the Baghdad pact.

1959 Iran signed a defense agreement with the USA.

1963 Ayatollah Khomeini held religious nation-wide uprising in protest to shah.

1967 The coronation of Mohammad Reza and the queen Farah.

1969 Tension was renewed between Iran and Iraq on the Arvand Rud (Shat al-Arab) issue.

1971 2500th anniversary of the Iranian monarchy was celebrated.

1978 - 1979 The escalation of peoples uprising against monarchy caused shah to flee from the country.

1979 - Islamic republic

1980 Iraq attacked Iran.

1988 Both parties accepted 1988 UN resolution 598. A final cease fire proclaimed by Iran. (An 8-year-long war).

1989 Ayatollah Khomeini passed away and ayatollah Khamenei was elected as the new spiritual leader of the country.

This fotopage belonges to all of Iranians do you know why?
because they gave me great HELP
when theywere hearing that i want to put these photos on the internet : with smily face most of them answerd me..:yes...Sure .. come and take any photos that you need .
every where i went i didn't have any problems for taking photos
i have a complete colections for without helping of Iranians you couldn't find these complete ser ies

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