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National museum of Iran- part 5

salt man

224 - 241 Artaxerxes I overcame the Parthians and founded the Sassanian Empire.

241 - 272 Shapur I invaded Roman Empire (252-261) and arrested the Emperor Valerian in 260.

242 - 273 Preaching of Mani, the prophet.

250 - 300 The conversion of Armenia to Christianity.

283 The Emperor Garus took Ctesiphon. Armenia and North Mesopotamia were yielded to Rome.

363 Shapur II defeated Julian the apostate in a battle and regained Armenia and North Mesopotamia.

379 Peace was established with Rome.

425 White Huns raided Khorasan.

c489 Nestorian church was founded.

499 - 531 The zenith of Sassanian power.

529 Justinian closed schools. Scholars immigrated to Persia.

c570 Birth of the prophet Mohammad. Yemen was under Persian control.

608 Sassanians attacked Byzantium.

614 Khosrow II captured Damascus and Jerusalem, bringing the true cross to Ctesiphon.

622 Heraclius defeated Khosrow II. The year of the prophet’s journey from Mecca (hijra).

632 The death of the prophet Mohammad.

632 - 651 Yazdegerd III, the last Sassanian monarch.

635 - 641 The Arabs took Damascus and Ctesiphon. They defeated Persians and Persia was formally annexed to the Arab Empire.

651 The death of yazdegerd III.

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