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Skiing in Iran- Fotos by Pilot Ahmad KH

A norwegian Tourist
Chalous Road
Karaj Dam
Damavand summit

History of ski in Iran
It was almost after 1920, when the King Reza (Reza Shah) gained authority, some foreign engineers came Iran with their equipments for skiing; and they chose some parts to ski. So ski is one of the newest and youngest sports in Iran. Due to climatically aspect of establishing rinks [a period of at least 6-7 months snow with the depth of 50 cm that never decreases during these 6-7 months] all over Zagros Mountains and Alborz Mountains, specially at the central and west parts of them, there are lots of opportunities for skiing.
Kouhkilooye and BouyrAhmad not only for its height about 2000m and more than 8 months snow, but also for its splendid scenes and anthropological attractions gains the attention of many hikers and skiers from all over the world.
The first rink was established and inaugurated at 50km east of Tehran in Abali region (area). Then some hotels that are based on the international standards and ski equipments such as ski lifts and cable cabins were constructed there. About 40 years ago, at the north-east of mountainous area of Tehran, on the way of Shemshak, some other rinks were established near each other. Three famous rinks in this area are named Shemshak rink, DarbandSar rink, and Dizin rink which have one of the best snow coverage of the world.
As I mentioned before, the period of snow is about 4-8 months; so it starts from late October(Aban) to late May(late Ordibehesht or Khordad). A road 70km from north-east Tehran to Shemshak and DarbandSar is an available road, and because the source of Jajourood River is from this area, you can face with many wonderful and beautiful snow-covered valleys even in May. Imagine that in February, when I was in south of Iran, I just wore a T-shirt, but simultaneously in north of Tehran and in Zagros Mountains there were snow more than 2-3 meters.
Shemshak and its mountainous region are on the secondary asphalted road. The mountains on the way are related to newest geological period. So by paying more attention to the mountains on the way, you can see some part of the mountains is damaged by the forward movements of the mountain. But these movements multiply the beauty of the area and everybody neglects this weak (negative) point, but you should be a bit careful while you're driving there.
By passing this area and entering Shemshak region, there are lots of apartment complexes, lux, modern, and beautiful restaurants and hotels that spread noticeable and eye-catching view to the area.
The distance between Shemshak and Dizin is about 10km. but the best way to the famous and international rink of Dizin is not from Shemshak; you can drive, on north-west of Tehran from Chalous standard road to Dizin which is about 70-80km and safer.
On the valley that is along the road from Chalous to Dizin, there are lots of modern hotels such as Kajareh and Gachsar ; as you saw the photos of this area in Fall (Autumn) the nature is wonderful. Beside these rinks, there is another rink which is named "Khour" in this area.
In Dizin, there are many ski equipments, such as ski lifts, cable cabins, and so on. There is also another rink on Touchal Mountain, at the head of Tehran, on the height of 3000m, which is named Touchal Cable Cabin that by getting in the cable cabin you can see and enjoy the beautiful and scenery nature and view of Tehran up to the Touchal Rink.
There are many rinks all over Iran that I just name them here:
KloopNoor(Tehran), TarikDareh(Hamedan), Payam(East Azarbayjan), Sepidan(Pars), Dena(Kouhkiloye and bouyerAhmad), Chalgerd(Chaharmahal o Bakhtiyari), KhoshaKooh(West Azarbayjan), Bijar(Kordestan), Shazand(Markazi), Papayi(Zanjan),..... .

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