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The Sunset of The Oman sea

Sistan va Baluchistan (Sistan and Baluchistan)

Although Sistan and Baluchistan is one of the most divested and privated province in terms of opportunities and facilities in Iran, but in terms of natural and cultural possibilities and facilities it's very rich and valuable. This province was one of the most important ancient civilized centres of Iran, and Baluchi people are one of the ancient and blue-blooded (patrician) Ethnics and inhabitants in this country. Baluchi language (accent) is very similar to Ancient Iran Languages.
Almost always I repeated this question in my mind that why this province is divested, privated, and becomes poor?
There are some natural and historical (political) reasons for this problem. In the past, Seistan and Baluchistan was the main granery of Iran, but nowadays it becomes one of the driest and most grassless provinces of Iran.
As you know, always I tried to tell the truth rather than talking about my emotional ideas. The TRUTH is the United Kingdom (UK) and their politicians that caused many historical and political privations. They established East-Indian Company in India and for maintaining their benefits, they disparated some parts of Baluchistan which is now a part of Pakistan.
By paying more attention to the map of Ethnics distribution in Iran, it is obvious that the Ethnic border of Baluchistan and Baluchi people, Send River, was an ancient border of Iran in the past, but English politicians for the ineptitude of Qajar Kings that caused this national adversity and calamity, annexed some parts of Baluchistan to their Empire in India.
Baluchi Ethnics are Iranian forever and they even feel more patriot and proud of their country than me. Another historical reason in terms of scientific aspect is the balkanization of the east parts of Iran, which was called Ariana, and English politicians supported this action.
In the second half of 19th century, the United Kingdom set up a forged country that was named Afghanistan. In 1856, when Iranian forces attacked English agencies and mercenaries in Harat and sieged them; English task forces (battle fleets) occupied the south (sea) ports of Iran and forced Iran to relinquish some parts of this Land. Qajar's kings caused us to feel infamy and shame again.
Now what is the relation between these historical and scientific causes in Sistan and Baluchistan?
Hirmand River in Sistan and Baluchistan is filled from cesspools of Indokoosh Mountains in current Afghanistan.
As you know when water is everywhere, there is affluence and flourishing in that place. Afghanis government ), without considering our (Iranian's) right, few years ago, constructed a dam and indeed they blocked the water flow of those cesspools to Iran. Hamoon Lake(Daryacheye Hamon), in that region, has becoming parched. They irreparably damaged our Nature and Ecology.
This region, that one day was the granery of Iran, now becomes like a desert. The main and the most important reason of its privation relates to the blocked water and disparity of some parts by English politicians. But this province is still beautiful, worth seeing, and spectacular. I myself, as an Iranian, prefer the ruins of my holy country rather than the Palace of other foreign countries.
I love my country, any dust of it. The privation of this province draws my attention more. I hope one day Tourism Industry of this country blows a fresh air to Sistan and Baluchistan's exhausted and weak economy. I think there are many potential Tourism aspects in this province that can help the kind, cultured, and welcoming (warm-hearted) people of Baluch to become strong. I suggest setting up Cultural Tourism in this province, because it is an opportunity for tourists from other Ethnics or other parts of Iran to become familiar with Baluch Ethnic and their lifestyle which is filled with their Identity and hard conditions of their lives. This can be a very big lesson for all of us in our lives. Of course, I didn't still show the main attractions in Sistan and Baluchistan. But in near future, I will show you the beautiful phenomena which is called Taftan semi active Volcano, ancient burned city, and another natural phenomena which is called Stalagmite (volcanic lavas on the ground that are shaped like flowers) in the following days.
I think if Tourism Industry develops in Sistan and Baluchistan, it will brings safety to this region; because the natives and inhabitants of this area will do their best to maintain their economical situation by making the area safe. So the Tourism areas
and economic growth of this province will naturally become active more than before.
That's why I'm here. My friend and I belong to this country and these people. Having honourable life for Iranians and especially the people of Sistan and Baluchistan is our mental distress; it doesn't make any difference they are from any Ethnics or talking in any accent, all of us are Iranian and belong to this holy Land, IRAN.

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