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Hengam Island - Persian Gulf - part 1

NAZ Island next to Qeshm
Leaving Qeshm Island to Hengam
Hengam Island
Hengam Island
Hengam Island

Hengam Island

About two weeks ago, I had a trip to Qeshm with a group of youngs. They had a very brief and compacted trip. I decided to see Qeshm and other Islands around it completely. As I am responsible at my work for my position there, I couldn’t take a leave of absence easily, so I preferred to stay two days more there and visited completely in order to take photos.
One day, just the day our trip finished( With the group ), I faced with an ordinary advertisement about dreamy Island of Hengam. So it made up my mind, because I found an active tourist agency and it was just an unexpected opportunity for me. Without any doubt I called them. A very polite and outgoing man picked up the phone and after a while when he noticed that I’m the fan of trip and want to take photos for my Fotopage and the foreigner visitors, he cancelled all of his programs and made an appointment with me for the next morning.
Next morning he welcomed me with another outgoing and sociable man who then I noticed that he was the Mayor of Hengam. We went to the dock to Hengam. At the beach of Qeshm we sailed a fishing boat; at the first step I mentioned them the importance of the quality of the tourist boats and the equipments they need for tourists such as life jackets and suitable boats and so on. They completely accepted my advice about obeying the standards and then they became agreed with me.
In their advertising paper they wrote about “visiting Dolphins”. I couldn’t believe it. “How could it happen? Do we have such an interesting and unbelieving moment that a lot of Dolphins surrounding us at the same moment” I heard and believed that such a thing would happen at oceans. But Afshin, the tour guide, brought us to Hengam Island for that.
At first we moved slowly. The beach was covered with millions of shells. Some parts of the beach were green, some parts were glorying. It was very astonishing for me that why those parts are lightening. The Silver lightening was very dreamy for me. I walked on those silver sands. I proudly said “this is my Iran, my ancestor home land; my beautiful and unchangeable mother land. I put my hands in those silver sands, when I took them out, my hands covered with those silver sands which were shining like pearls. It was intersting for me , that was true. From the bottom of my heart I noticed that I don’t know my country, although I travelled a lot during my life from my childhood. I don’t know what those sands made up of, maybe Silica or bits of Granite. It doesn’t make any difference for me. The only thing that was very important for me was its beauty and dreamy moments it made for me. I felt that I was walking on the clouds, very smooth and cool.
Afshin gathered many shells and pieces of corals. I asked him “what else can we find here?” He answered: “Whatever you want! Remind me something later I talk about it. Remind me to tell you the Truth story of this beautiful beach that happened 19 years ago. But now it’s not the proper time. When we finish our visit, I’ll tell you then.” I quickly asked him to ride the boat to the center of the sea. It was just a dream, a very sweet dream. We were at the center of the sea in that area, and a lot of Dolphins surrounded us. I couldn’t believe it. Dolphins are very friendly among other animals. I asked Afshin: “Can I put my hands in the water, don’t they beat me.” Afshin answered: “Never had they beaten you. They are very friendly. They like human beings. 19 years ago not only they didn’t even touch the people who were spread on these waters, but also they protected them.”
We were riding about 2 hours. When we speed up, they (Dolphins) became excited and played with us more and more. They jumped out of water and made many noises that showed their excitement and happiness.
After two hours, we almost visited everywhere. Suddenly Afshin asked me to see the sea bed; there were some of turtles under the boat. But whenever I wanted to take photos they ran away and they didn’t jump out of the water. So it took lots of time to take their photos. But it was very interesting for you (visitors) and especially for me . When we turned around the Island, we faced with rocked beach that were covered with many caves. I couldn’t believe that this is Iran, my splendid homeland that I really don’t know it well. This is the land of Ahura Mazda. The land of God that hidden many secrets in its heart. The Paradise which was separated from its origin. I love this country. I’m the lover of this holy land.
I saw many Palm groves (gardens) from far away. I was taking photos that suddenly thunder and lightening was started, then the very heavy rain started. That small fishing boat was not safe enough and we didn’t have any shelter. So we rode to the Hengam Complex city, but we completely turned around the Island. I don’t know the exact distance of the Island; it isn’t very important for me, but I know that it is just in the south of Qeshm. We entered the Island. The natives of the Hengam Island welcomed us and behaved very friendly, because I was new for them and as I said before Iranians are very hospitable and warm-hearted, so Afshin who was originally from Hengam invited me to his parent’s house and his family behaved very friendly, even they changeable my shirt because I was completely wet. His kind mother made an ethnic food of south which was made of fish. When we were eating, the sound of thunder and lightening were heard repeatedly. Maybe this horrible sound was just a sparkle for Afshin’s true story and confabulation.
“It was sunny, but suddenly we heard a very loud noise of explosion. We ran out of our homes. We didn’t know what to do. After a while, the inhabitants informed each other about guests. We ran towards the beach, that silver beach. From 19 years ago, this beach is called “the Beach of Love and blood”. But why “love”, why “blood”!? Pieces of legs, hands, and bodies were covered the beach of Hengam, The passenger’s memorial photos, their mementoes. Who can believe it their amputated hands, legs, and heads made this dreamy beach a disastrous and catastrophic field.”
“What was the story?”
“19 years ago, 290 passengers decided to travel to Dubai. Most of them were the new married couples who took the trip to Dubai for their honeymoon. Their flight started from the Airport of BandarAbbas to Dubai Airport. All of them were happy and waited for the next hour to launch at the Dubai Airport. The very ordinary flight with the giant Airbus was taking off 30-40 kms away of Hengam Complex city. But simultaneously, thousands kms away of their homeland American warship noticed the giant Airbus at its radars, which was not the bomber plane; It was just an ordinary Airliner. American warships were happy and glad about their done. They completely knew what they wanted to do; but “WHY?” It was just an ordinary Airliner at the International corridors that without any instrument or equipments can recognized that it was not a bomber plane. But American warship decided to explode it. With a hellish happiness, they push the bottom to the aimed Love Flight. The bomb touched the heart of the Love Plane. In that moment, these young Lovers embraced each other forever and they started their immortally and eternally flight, it’s better to say that they continued their eternally flight to the Paradise which were started from BandarAbbas Airport but to the different destination. Their body fell down in order to remind the American warship’s oppressions. What were they doing here, although they were thousands kms away?”
When I was hearing this True Story I couldn’t control myself; I started to cry. Although it was happened 19 years ago and I heard about 2 weeks ago, now I can’t control my crying. It is very painful and hurtful not only for me, but also who heard it. Just imagine this Silver Beach that is welcoming the Lovers and tourists nowadays, welcomed the passengers of the Love Flight. I can’t express my feeling in these words.
Nowadays, American warships are still keeping on doing their unpleasant actions; they need new adventures. But they should accept the truth that Iranian Nations are different from other nations. Unfortunately, I can’t understand that why American Army is responsible for everything. I think Americans are busy with their everyday life and don’t have exact information about their Army. American Army is not compelled to take parts in their Military Service as Iranians. Their Army (American Army) is professional and consists of youths who are volunteered to take part in their Army. I don’t know who is responsible for these kinds of unpleasant actions, because we know that each of the soldiers has their own family and of course Lover. So how they can stand these kinds of oppression. I don’t want to discuss about how they employ their troops, you know the causes better than me; But here, as a human being, I want each of us and specially the American and other country’s Army to think of those people, passengers of the Love flight.
“Is it fair what happened to them?” Just think about it. How and when can we get rid of these unfair actions and injustice?
There are other archaeological castles and monuments from 500 years ago in Hengam Island, that shows the Portugal’s occupation. But Iranian again couldn’t stand their imposed existence and drove out them from Hengam and other Islands. Nowadays we can see just (somehow the ruins of) their ships and castles.

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