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Chahkouh : Part 1 - Qeshm Island


I separated my way from the group that I travelled with them. I stayed two other days in Qeshm and the other Islands around it. As I heard and gathered some information about Qeshm before my trip, I know that at the center of the Island there should be a place which is named ChahKooh, ChahKooh consists of two words Chah(well) and Kooh( mountain), and is called for the mountain full of wells. I organized my short trip with two local inhabitants of the Island and we moved to ChahKooh valley. I didn’t have any image of this place before, just I heard about its similarity with the Stars Valley which naturally shaped during million years erosion. Continuously we asked the way from the natives and finally we reached East ChahKooh village. We asked about ChahKooh valley, and one of the inhabitants informed us about the way and the car. Because we went there by Toyota( model of 2006), and as that native noticed us, the car was not suitable for driving there. Last night it was rainy and everywhere was muddy. I became disappointed, “What should I do?” I didn’t know the exact distance from the village to the valley. Suddenly I asked a young motorcyclist who passed through the village about the distance. “How far is ChahKooh valley?” He answered: “It is just about 3 kms.” I wanted him to bring me there and I should pay him whatever he wants. Because it was very important for me, I didn’t like to miss there. He unexpectedly wanted me to seat at the back and said: “Hurry up; let’s go”. It was my first time riding the motorbike. I couldn’t express my feeling with words. I tried to take photos and I’m not sure that could I show my feeling in my photos, or not. He speeded up and I more became afraid, but I tolerated for my aim and You, my friends. The scene was wonderful; I think the photos can’t reflect the beauty and excitement well and completely. We reached to an area that we couldn’t ride the bike to there. So we walked at first on the pavement valley. The surface of the valley was covered with sands. At the moment I wore T-shirt and walked on the sands, in Tehran it was snowy. What an amazing and interesting country I have! In the morning you can Ski in the famous rinks, after 2 hours flying, you can swim and have sunbath. We walked steadily and continuously we reached a very narrow path which was very interesting. At the surface of the valley there were lots of wells that were related to each other and they looked like Kariz, but I’m nit sure about it. Those wells provide the water of the inhabitants. Walking for a long time made the way a little bit intolerable for me. Because as I said before, I should have surgery my right leg, for its Menisci was torn at one of my trips 7 months ago. I delayed my surgery for this trip, so Nothing can stop me. Because I love my country, my lovely homeland, my holy Iran. The hurt of my leg is nothing in this holy way. I reached the end of valley with its horrible wells. I reminded horrible films there. Because some of the tracks and ways looked like ghosts and phantoms. The young local man suggested me to climb to the top of the mountain. I accepted, but imagine how difficult it was for me. When I reached the top, I remembered one of my instructor expressions who said: “Iran is a world in limited borders. All of us, Iranians, are the owners of this world.” So I’m the owner of this beautiful world. As you know there are lots of varieties in turns of temperature, culture, races, and languages. You saw many colored skin people in my photos. All of them were Iranian. As you know I’m an Azerbayjani boy with the state of being white-skinned as Caucasians and look like Turkmen of east north of Iran who are Orientals (the yellow race). It’s unbelievable, but that’s true.
To utter the last word, Iranians from any tribes or groups love their holy land and they are the owners of each dust of Iran, as I said before.

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