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The Persian Gulf, FOREVER


For the first time that the Great Cyrus united Iran’s Nations and governed Iran Empire, the big sea in south of this country were called Persian Gulf, and is called forever; The time Iranian owned all coast and beaches of Persian Gulf, but bedouin Arabs were the tributary of Iran.
Many commercial trades between Iran and Far East, China, were made through merchant fleets. In history there are many evidences such as Iranian archaeological coins found in south shorelines of China, which show that Iran and China had close and friendly relationships.
The name of Iran and Persian Gulf glories everywhere on historical and ancient maps, even those times that south coast of Persian Gulf was the shelter of the pirates( I mean late 19th century and the beginning of 20th century), and now it is called Dubai. But by attack of England to middle East and Persian Gulf During 18-19th century, for the first time an Englishman dared to name Persian Gulf another forged name . Then an excited Egyptian President repeated the forged name in 1950’s that Englishman made it about 50 years ago for the first time. But Iranians stood against the historical distortion, and are still standing against it.
When I travelled UAE and Dubai, I saw the forged name for Persian Gulf in their Tourist maps and books. Maybe that is one of the reason that I didn’t show you hundreds of photos I took from Dubai, for their unfriendly and unfair behaviour with my country.
The only attraction of this city, Dubai, is its department stores and Shopping centres and of course the beautiful coast of Persian Gulf. They don’t have any other attraction and natural places instead of Persian Gulf for tourists, so they forged Persian Gulf and introduce it to the tourists who believe whatever they say and present in their tourist maps and books.
I’m not against Arabs, I respect them as a human being, but I never let them to distort the true history of Persian Gulf. I have many Arabs friends who are close to me. Also I Love Arabic music FOR example my favourite Arab singers are Nancy Adjram , Amro Daiab, Daiana Hadad and Khaled
. But I prefer my Iranian identity to others.
Two years ago, National Geography Institute published the forged name for Persian Gulf. It faced with all Iranians commitments for their country and each parts of it all over the world. Unfortunately, the Louvre Museum, against its scientific and historical commitments and criteria, earned money from Arabs and used the forged name for Persian Gulf in their catalogues. So this action flaws the credit of this big International Museum.
Without any bigotry, I believe whatever I said above. As I never let them to forge Persian Gulf with other forged name,>>>same as: I never allow anybody changing Oman Sea, at the south east coast of Persian Gulf, with other forged name( Oman is the name of An Arabic country).Also :Arab sea between Indian Peninsula and Arabia Peninsula

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