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Baku - Part 9


I was born in an Azarbaijani family. Although I wasn’t born in Azarbaijan, but my ancestry is from there. I am from Tehran.
Tehran is Azarbaijan, too. Most of my friends are Azarbaijani. Where ever I go, I face with many Azaris , although they talk Farsi. I feel whole of Iran belongs to me. The people of Iran from other tribes look at Azari as decided, resolute, ambitious, and strong people.
A short trip around “The big Bazaar of Tehran” proves that the economy of this country is under the thumb of Azari merchants. I believe Azarbaijan is main column of Iran. People of Azerbaijan strongly prejudice about Iran. Most of patriots are from Azerbaijan. During the history of Iran, Azeris brought national pride and honour to Iran on behalf of Safavid Dynasty.
The Safavid kings who were Azerbaijanis proudly introduced themselves as Iranian. Here I don’t want to mention the history in detail. You can find many related topics on Internet. But I’d like to talk about a subject that made my mind busy nowadays.
Whenever I think about Azerbaijan, I just form the farms of sunflowers in my mind, because my father annually brought us there for summer holidays in my childhood and I ran around those farms. For the first time in my life I saw the fruit of Oak trees in the villages of Azerbaijan. I love the traditional lifestyle there. I remember that my grand mother, most of Azerbaijanis call “Aziz”, sang me Turkish poems. I became familiar with the very deep and social literature and proverbs in the early ages.
Why we talk Turkish and why people of this part of Iran talk in Turkish (or Azeri)?
About thousand years ago, not only Seljuk’s Turk tribe but also other Turk tribes of Transoxiana and Mongolia dominated Iran and Azerbaijan was one of their main governmental places. So their languages, Azeri (Turkish) language, were become the dominant language in this region, and now it is one of the main parts of their existence. Azerbaijani’s appearances and characterise and DNA are clearly different from the resistances of Mongolia deserts.
First of all, I am Iranian with honourable about ten thousands year history and civilization. The first Arian tribes were settled in Azerbaijan and the region around Orumiyeh Lake; they merged and peacefully coexisted with the native tribes of Iran and then immigrated to south. By reading history, many ambiguities about Iran will be clarified.
As an Iranian and Azerbaijani, I’m proud of two great Iranian valiants who were the defenders of Democracy, Satarkhan and Baqerkhan, who stood against the Qajar’s autocracy; and Satarkhan the Great became the emancipator of Tabriz in those times.
When we read Satarkhan’s memories, we face with many interesting points in his life. In his street fights, many people made his life desperate and suggested him in order to save his life, he hoists Russia’s flag on top of his house. But he preferred Iran’s flag and hoisted the Iran’s one. So he preferred respectable death than foreign degradation.
I want to talk about the “Tabriz” which faced Iranian troopers against Ottoman’s troopers in Chaldoran plain. (You can see the photos in the archive) The Iranian troopers were defeated 500 years ago, because Ottoman troopers, for their proximity to Europe, were equipped with cannons and guns, but Iranians were just fought with swords and their braveness. So not only Tabriz but also Baku, and all of Caucasian were fallen after Safavid trooper’s defeat.
But people of Tabriz were not brought under foreigner’s dominion, and returned back to Iran. After few years, the Ottoman’s troopers defeated by Iranian brave troopers and returned back to their borders. Maybe it’s interesting for you to know that Ottomans were Turkish. So, Iranian identity was more important
Azerbaijan was examined many times; when the central government of Iran became weak and Safavid Dynasty was fallen down, Azerbaijan was loyal to Iran. But when the hated Qajar’s Dynasty started and Russians assists made them powerful gradually, Russians wanted to act as the last will and testament of The Great Peter to reach to the warm water of the south of Iran. So Russians attacked Iran. The mindless Qajar’s king, FathAli Shah, didn’t know the ways of statesmanship, policy and international society. He just satisfied and pleased with his Haramsaras (Harems) with hundreds of women. He didn’t understand the Russian’s attack. But people of Azerbaijan and one of the Qajar’s princes, Abbas Mirza, bravely and courageously stood against Russia; and Muslim clergymen ordered to fight against infidel Russians.
In those days, there was a feudal governmental system in Iran and the governors exploited the people.
The Iran and Russia’s wars were simultaneous to Nepolian wars. But the hated Qajar’s king, FathAli Shah, didn’t have any information of his wars. The United Kingdom and Russia agreed with each other and UK betrayed Iran. The help of foreigners gladden the Qajar’s King, so he accepted debasement of defeat. Many parts of Iran were departed from our homeland. The north gateway of Iran, Darband, which the honourable Sasanid castle of Darband is still there, attacked by Russian’s troopers. Baku was pillaged by Russian, too. The disgraceful agreement(Treaty) of Golestan was imposed to Iran, so we inevitably gave vast parts of our home land to Russia. But the news of Russian’s inhumanities and tyrannies made the people of Iran and especially Azerbayjan’s blood boil (furious), so they started new war. But the King who was just thought about his Harems, didn’t pay any attention to war and he preferred his wining and dining. Other parts of Iran were departed from it and the Iranian became the helot of foreigner.
This period was very painful and bothered the soul of any Iranian. By passing 170 years, our hearts are still souring from that dishonour, which departed 17 cities of Caucasia and is still bothering us.
When I was just a young teenager and read my history books about Iran and Russia’s wars at school, those events lacerated my heart, and the anger was filled, so I couldn’t forget it.
In the World War II, they (Russians) occupied the north region of Iran again. They used the trans_Iranian railway and reached to the south of Iran and rescued themselves. The cruel Russian troopers divided the land of Poland with Hitler, and behaved badly with polish people.( You can see the “Entrance of Polish people to Iran” at the archive). After World War II, Iran was called “the bridge of Victory”(“ the Victorious Bridge”),and Russians found their existence again for the sake of us (Iranian), but they didn’t leave our home land. They formed an organization that was related to their political thoughts in the region of Azerbayjan. They assisted them financially. They employed the ragtag and bobtails in their parties and decided to separate (depart) that region from Iran. They(Russians) didn’t let the Iranian troopers to oppress their associated party. But in 1946, international pressure, United Nation’s resolution, and intelligence of Iranian custodians forced that party to leave the Land of Iran. That so called “shaky autonomous government” disarmed by the people of Azerbayjan. Then, before the entrance of Iranian troopers to that region, they lost their existence and overthrown, many parts of Iran and Azerbayjan returned back to the bosom of its big family. But parts of it are still occupied by Russians.
The destiny of the people of Azerbayjan is very important for any Iranian. We are all anxiously looking at Caucasia as one of the separated member of a big family. So when the people of Baku were uprising during 1988-1989, I was just a high school student in the last grade, and worriedly fallowed the news about there. One day early in the morning, while I got dressed for school, I heard my father was listening to the Persian program of VOA. The announcer read the news about the “entrance of Russian tanks to the Baku’s streets”. I suddenly disconcerted and heartily felt their sorrow for the sake of the ineptitude of Qajar’s King. The announcer talked about their way to Freedom. It was very interesting and respectful for me at first, but when the announcer said that “Baku is trying to rescue itself from the Persian and Russian’s oppression and imerging to the south of Azerbayjan”. I became surprised. I continuously repeated that sentence in my mind. I went school. I had an Azeri teacher who worked freely at our school in Tehran. I had many other Azeri friends who lived freely with other Ethnical Groups of Iran. I didn’t see any injustice among Iranian people within themselves.
I was interested in Urmia, so I selected there for my education at university. My father and I travelled together. I was looking for my dreamy sunflowers. I was very glad and I felt that it opened its arms to me. During our trips, my father aware me about the foreigner’s greed. He reminded me his memories of 1946, although he was a very young boy.
At the university, I had an Azeri instructor who started to talk about an interesting subject. Baku was freed in those days. I was just 19 years old , but I can still remember that especial day and his memorable talking. He was Dr….., and I heard that he is still teaching at the same university in Urmia. He said:
“ The great Iran has no existence without us, this country faced with many
unpleasant difficulties. We maintained our borders and territorial integrity with the
blood of our martyrs, but our friends who are released recently from Russia, don’t
understand the history of Iran well. 150 year dominance made them become
unfamiliar with their original Identity. They compared Fars(Persians)with
Russians. Fars( Persian) people are my brother; Fars is my family; Fars is part of
my Identity; Fars is part of Iran. Iran gets its meaning from Kurdish, Fars, Lor,
Balooch and Azeri tribes. Iran means all of us together. I’m the owner of Iran as
other tribes do. If you are looking for excuses about the Persian language in this
part of Iran, you should know that the Persian language was revived by Saljuk
dynasty. Most of the poets of Azarbaijan versified Persian poems. You should
know that the governmental language of Ottoman was Persian, as you can see the
Persian epigraphy of “TopKapi Palace” in Istanbul.

I can still remember his teardrops. Our class finished, and I walked in the streets of Urmia which are same as other streets of other cities, maybe cleaner and more beautiful. I, as a travel fan, felt home there, too. The people, their lifestyles, their problems and thoughts are same as other parts of Iran. I walked in “Bakeri street” who was one of the Martyr Commanders of Azerbayjan. Many Azari pilots and soldiers were fought bravely and courageously in the war of Iran and Iraq (as one of Arab Nations).
I was worried. The alarm bell rang. I finished my education, and turned back Tehran. My social point of view changed a lot during those years. I felt that all Iranian respect and behave each other in the same way as with their own tribes. Most of judges, instructors, commanders ,… who have the main careers in this society, are Azeri. They have the same rights to improve in their lives, and being succeeded is directly related to them.

Now it’s your turn to judge.
Recently, on many Anti_Iranian sites or Weblogs and satelites I face with the forged phrase of “south Azerbaijan”. They printed this forged phrase in their tourist’s books and distorted the dishonourable TurkamanChai Treaty that sank the nation in despair. Unfortunately, they are supported from some theorists of other countries and associations such as “the Anglo-Azerbayjani Youth” association. , I want to refer you to the “Azerbaijan: One Hundred Question Answered” book, page 22 that distort history of IRAN and Reality I know who did it first she is a woman who is teaching at X university and is paid from X Defense Ministry and researching about Caspian sea and doesn’t know any word in Persian.BUT she wrote History books of schools in Rep of Azerbaijan even They didn’t dare to print the whole map of Iran during Safavid Era in this Tourist Booklet (page 22 on the up). They completely distorted our history and printed a very small part of Aran region; they copied the name of Azarbaijan from the south region of Aras in 1918. But we obviously understand their conspiracies and betrayals. They can’t change not only my mind but also millions of Iranian youths who think as me. Iran stands against these kinds of difficulties in the course of its eventful history; it will STAND, too.
I had a trip to Takhte Soleyman in July 2006, that is one of the biggest religious places in ancient Iran, is located at the heart of Azarbaijan, and has Azergoshnasb Fire Temple. I passed through its ancient winding alleys with my friends, and faced with some Azeri visitors who were in their fifties or sixties. When I was talking in Persian language with my Kurdish friend about the history of Takhte Soleyman and foreigner’s thoughts, we were worry about their decisions to depart this inseparable parts of Iran, those two men suddenly interrupted us and said: “those old friends who believe that they can depart Azerbayjan of Iran, don’t have enough information about their history and background, they are excited. They should know that those regions belong us and they are the member of our great family. Maybe they are not with us , but they are part of us. Don’t worry, foreigners can’t do anything as at least one Iranian live in this holy and ancient land. Don’t forget that they( Bakuians)are Iranian, too as We are IRANIAN.

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