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Tehran (Fotos by Dr Siamak J and I)

Orthodox Church of Tehran
Greek orthodox Church
Masodiyeh Palace
Masodiyeh Palace
Masodiyeh Palace
Masodiyeh Palace
Masodiyeh Palace
Masodiyeh Palace
Masodiyeh Palace
Masodiyeh Palace
Masodiyeh Palace
Masodiyeh Palace
Masodiyeh Palace
the old building of Parliament
Sepahsalar mosque
Grand bazar of Tehran
Zeyd Shrine
Zeyd Shrine
Zeyd Shrine
Zeyd Shrine
Zeyd Shrine
Zeyd Shrine
Zeyd Shrine
Zeyd Shrine
Zeyd Shrine
Zeyd Shrine
Zeyd Shrine
I have a lofty aim to introduce Iran. A very big aim as big as Iran; as splendid as its magnificent history; as dedicated as its kind people.
I was not a tour leader at the beginning, but now I am. I set foot on the way that I called it “the Holy Way”.
Although the Western media try to contempt and present us as Terrorists, I as an Iranian young man don’t accept their insulting broadcastings.
As you know, there are many historical antiques from Iran in the Louvre Museum. So the French people are familiar with the history and monuments of Iran. But now this museum unkindly distorts the historical name of “Persian Gulf”(for ever) to other forgery name in their catalogues.
If such a disfavouring action happened to your country, what would you do? I am upset about this unkindness, because the Persian Gulf were named for thousands years, but now during these years its name changed without any reasons.
The windows of the Louvre Museum are decorated by the historical antiques of my homeland. Unfortunately, as the kings of Qajar acted and behaved unwisely, some French archaeologists did unprofessional diggings in Iran, specially in Susa by Madam Dilafavoir.

In her memories she said:
“ …Yesterday, I regrettably saw a very big stone cow that few days ago were
found; it was about 12000 kgr. To move such a huge pile of stone was
impossible, so I angrily hold a hammer and hit it. The capital of the pillar
was decomposed and split like a ripe fruit. A huge piece of it passed near
our feet; if we didn’t draw aside, our feet would have been broken in to

You saw the photos of Susa Castle in archive. The Castle was built about 100 years ago as the Bastille Castle of France on the historical hills of Susa. It is one of the biggest brick made museum in the world.
Do you know how was it made and where was the bricks taken from?
Those bricks were brought from the demolishing of historical buildings of Susa by some French archaeologists to protect their lives.
But is it a logical and kind way to protect live by destroying the historical monuments.
This is just a very slight angle of the sorrowful history of Iran.
My friends and I (as an Iranian young doctor) can’t stand these humiliating thoughts and actions in the past and nowadays media.
We want other countries, specially Western countries, to know us and Iran as it is. The most precious and valuable asset of my friends and I is being “Honest”.
I approximately showed all parts and views of my homeland. I believe that we honestly should see all the positive and negative views, in order to reach our aims.
But now it is just the beginning of the “Holy way”.

In this part I tried to lead you the heart of Tehran, not to the affluent areas; The palace that Tehran was shaped originally from it.
Tehran is a metropolitan city which is located on the foothills of the Alborz Mountains. Tochal Peak is on top of Tehran as a crown. At the heart of Tehran, there is “Zelloul Soltan’s palace” that is the Masoodiye building.
I should remind that entering this building and taking photos are not public and permitted. It is the scientific research center of “Iran Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization”.
Outside this palace, there is the Baharestan square which is across from the Majles of Iran building. Taking photos from this historical building is extremely prevented. I hope in near future I can get the permission.
The history of Majles Building is dated to 1906, and slightly and gradually finished the Qajar’s autocratic government. But the colonialism of Russia helped the king of Qajar and cannonaded the Majles. But our brave people of Iran’s Azarbayjan and other parts of Iran stand against their despots and reopened the Majles.
So Iranian people are familiar with democracy and feel it.
I read the history of other countries, from France to United Kingdoms and United States of America, in details. All nations tried to develop themselves; we tried it, too in the past and now we’re trying it, too.
Around this area, there is a big Bazaar of Tehran. The center of this Bazar is based on a shrine of the offspring of Imam.
Maybe it is interesting for you to have some information about the origin of these kinds of shrines.
Islam has two branches: Shiite and Sunnite. Their difference is in Caliphate. Shiites do not believe on it and say that the successor of Prophet is Imam, but Sunnites believe Caliphate. The successors of Prophet fallow the way of Prophet. Shiites have 12 Imams that were fought with the Caliphate of Arab in order to seek justice. So because of the oppressions of Arab Caliphates and Iranian loves of Justice, Iranian supported Imams and their offspring. Imams and their offspring chose Iran as their shelter. But they were killed by the officers of Arab Caliphates, and were buried in different parts of Iran.
So Iranian respected these holy individuals and built such shrines.
One of these kinds of shrines is Zeyd’s Shrine that is very important for introducing the history of shaping of Tehran.
In the Safavid era, about 400 years ago, the Shiite government was found by one of Safavid dynasty of Azarbayjan. (As an Azarbayjanian, I am proud of my Iranian ancestors that returned the Unity of Lands to Iran after thousand years.) In this era, they focused on offspring of Imams a lot, so these offspring shrine is the main architectural shape of Tehran about 400 years ago.
Practically, Tehran was become the capital of Iran simultaneous to the France Revolution. Qajar was selected Tehran as a capital of Iran, too. (From that time, the misery of my country started, exactly when United Kingdoms colonised India.) Iran was never colonized by any countries. But Qajar is a black spot in our history.
Why I explained and reminded this history about Qajar?
In Bazar we faced with a grave of one of the bravest king of Iran, “Loutf Ali Khan-e Zand”. Zand dynasty was very short, and defeated by Qajar. Aqa Mohammad Khan-e Qajar arrested this young patriot from Kerman and cruelly killed him and the people of Kerman for their cooperation. He brought “lout Ali Khan” to Tehran and killed him tragically.
In those times, Tehran was just a very small city near the historical and ancient city of Ray. The people of Tehran for lack of security in this area built trenches around Tehran, and they lived in underground houses that need more archaeological studies and researches. So the name of Tehran means the “Underground City”.
We walked in Bazar, but it was Friday and all the stores were closed.
In one of the corridors of Bazar we reached a very small Armenian church, Tatavoos which is the first Armenian churches in that time. Unfortunately, I think most of Tehran citizens don’t have any information about it.
I took many photos there.
For my compact programs on my trips, I have no more complete information about the churches of Tehran and Iran. But in near future, I’ll collect more information.
So as you see, all sects of Christianity have special churches and cemeteries, and do their religious duties freely and unrestrainedly. Armenian, for being the biggest sects of Christianity in Iran, have a very big and specialized Stadium which is called Ararat that Christian girls and boys freely enjoy recreation there. We have Orthodox, Protestant, Armenian, and Ashurian churches in Iran and Tehran. I’ll gradually introduce them to you.

Now I should stop for a while, because Minsk of my right leg was cut in one of my trips and it will need surgery. I tolerated it for 6 months during my trips to Kermanshah, Zanjan, Isfahan, and many other places. I am surprising how I did those trips and ran around to take those photos. I’m a professional mountain climber, but I can’t stand it anymore.

I am the member of humane NGO and our first cultural aim is to inform Iranian people and then the world. To introduce Iran to the world; to introduce Iranian Hospitality, that from thousand years ago they made a room for their guests in order to make them feel as home.
We are not a Travel Agency that is looking for financial aspects. As I mentioned above, we try to show our hospitality to the tourists from all over the world in Iran.

Teheran , die Hauptstadt des Iran .
Teheran wurde erst mit der Thronbesteigung durch die Kadscharen Dynastie am ende des 18.J.h.s zur Hauptstadt erhoben.
Zwar gibt es wirklich keine besondere alte Baudenkmäler , doch wurden in ihrer umgebung ziemlich viele vorgeschichtliche oder geschichtliche Fundstätten entdeckt. z.B Tape mill (Mill Hügel )ein Sassanidischer Feurtempel , Die Mauer des Shahre Rey , die zur 3000 v.Chr gehört , usw.
Übrigens ist die Bedeutung des Teherans der Keller

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