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Saturday, 17-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Toghrol Tower.Tehran.Rey

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Borj e Toghrol is a 13th centery monument is one of the historical structures still standing today.
This place is the tomb of Toghrol Beig who was founder selijk dynasty.( common history of Iran and turkey)so you see why i feel we are so close to Turkey???
The hieght ot the tower is 22.5 meters
Internal diameter is 11meters and external diameter is 15 meters
That epigraph is in KOFI hand writting ( a kind of arabic handwritting)
the upperpart of The tower was damaged before and in 1884 was built again by the order of naserddin shah( Qajar king)
THis pace located in Rey in south east of Tehran

Thursday, 15-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Stew of Egg plant with rice

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i will try to explane you what is this delicious i want to show you how the cooker make it and which compounds we use in cooking.
First is rice and how we cook by traditional method
we pour rice to boling water with salt. after that we separat rice and you see here how he did
and put bowl inside oven. after 2 hours would be ready
but about egg plant the size is so important if you use bigger would become bitter and small size is not perfect
and you see how he roast them
and he make a mixer of tomato juice beef . roasted onions green pepepr and this mixture will boil for 3 hours
NOW the food is ready
we mix stew and rice for eating

Wednesday, 14-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tehran Protestant cemetery- Bagher shahr south of Tehran

He is symbol of Friendship between Iran & Japan
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They are not alone

Tuesday, 13-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Forgotten empire

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Monday, 12-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Cheshme Ali ( Sorena spring). Tehran.Rey

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Do you believe that i visit this place just 2 days ago??? and for first time.
That is so funny :in Tehran we have such as these places that we didn't visit there
But i started to go and you will be with me... we will travel with each other...
Iran is a Big country and i will go all the corner of this ancient land.
This fotopage give me new power : NOW i have a target
i start from Tehran when i complate Tehran i will take you to other cities
to Azerbaijan. To perspolis . To chaghaznbil. To persian Gulf islands
every where!!!
besides of traveling i will study about those`areas and their cultures Foods their clothes
i took many photos of how our cooker cook Iranian traditional foods you will see them one by one
and this friday i will go to special place in south part of Tehran:cemetery of christians in Iran includes Polish .Britishs.Rusians Germans and how died in second world war.
Do you believe that i discover another cemetery near to my office at work that garve of ambassador of Britain situated there?
I hope they will let me to take photos
cheshme in English means Spring ali is a name(Islamic- arabic name)
This place located in Rey district in south part of Tehran ...very far from my home
that stonecutting belongs to Qajar era
and they carved the faces of Qajar kings on stones
i think they carved it in fath ali shah Era
still i am wonder that why i didn't visit this place yet???
you see that some places in Iran are unknown even for ourselves and how about you???
قدمت چشمه علي به حدود 8000 سال پيش بر مي‌گردد; زماني كه نخستين جماعات بر تپه‌اي واقع در كنار چشمه‌اي دايمي گرد آمدند. نخستين نشانه‌هاي تمدن در چشمه علي كه شامل تپه باستاني‌، برج و باروهاي قديمي ري و چشمه زيرزميني است‌، در توليد سفالينه‌هاي سرخ با نقش‌هاي سياه يا قهوه‌اي و سير تصاويري كه بر آن نقش شده‌، پديدار گشته است‌. در كنار چشمه‌، تپه‌اي است كه در كاوش‌هاي سال‌هاي 1934 و 1936 م به رهبري اريك اشميت براي موزه هنرهاي زيباي بوستون و فيلادلفيا در امريكا، از آن آثاري به دست آمده است‌. قديمي‌ترين شواهد موجود در اين منطقه كه به اوايل هزاره چهارم قبل از ميلاد بر مي‌گردد، سفالينه‌هايي است كه ذكر آن رفت‌. اين محل در هزاره سوم پيش از ميلاد ناگهان متروك شد و دوباره از هزاره دوم مسكوني و آباد گشت‌. آثار عهد پارت‌ها (حصار معبد آناهيتا متعلق به آغاز عصر مسيحي‌)، ساساني‌ها و اسلام تا عهد تيموريان نيز در اين محل به دست آمده است‌. به استناد روايت‌هاي مختلف‌، مادر زرتشت نيز در اين مكان متولد شده است‌. درباره آب چشمه گفته مي‌شود كه از جاجرود و قيطريه تأمين مي‌شود و پس از گذر از راه‌هاي زيرزميني‌، از دل تپه مي‌جوشد.
چشمه علي به عنوان يك منطقه طبيعي شناخته شده است‌. برج و باروهاي آن در هنگام استحكام به چهار الي پنج متر مي‌رسيد، و سوراخ‌هاي ديده‌باني و آتش‌دان داشته است كه هنوز هم آثار آن باقي مانده است‌. اكنون حدود 100 متر از ديوار بازسازي شده است‌. وجود نقش برجسته‌اي از فتح‌علي‌شاه در حال تاج‌گذاري‌، بر صخره مسلط بر آب‌هاي چشمه‌علي از ويژگي‌هاي منطقه است و آن را نبايد با نقش برجسته‌اي كه همين پادشاه را سوار بر اسب و در حال شكار نشان مي‌دهد، اشتباه كرد. قبلاً اين نقش برجسته متعلق به ساساني‌ها بوده است‌.
نام چشمه به امام اول شيعيان باز مي‌گردد كه ساكنان اطراف آن در دوران اسلام بر آن نهادند. اما ايرانيان باستان اين چشمه را سورنا مي‌ناميدند، زيرا در كنار معبد آناهيتا قرار داشته است‌.

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